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How's everybody feeling today.Here's a short story i wrote for's my first,f**k off if its sucks..haha :p

He saw an eagle soaring high above the sky.Gliding through the cloud without any worries.Those little blue eyes keep on looking at the majestic creature as it shrunk towards the horizon.The little boy stood still on the parched land.Thinking whether he and his people can taste the freedom like the eagle have.Roaming freely on the earth without worrying being shot to death.Playing happily without fear a tank might blast their playground.Endulging dinner with the loved ones without hesitation to leave their home in the night."How come we have to suffer".That poor little boy keep asking his little heart."Mum,when do we can have our freedom?".Jamal asked his mother.His mother,even worry struck her eyes but she keep her lips smiling and answer,"who knows,son.maybe ten years later.Or maybe tomorrow.Just dont stop believing in yourself honey".The smile put an ease on the 8 years old boy.With assurance that he will taste the sweet triumph of freedom someday.

Jamal is one of the thousands people stuck in the piece of land that is constantly on the verge of war.Parry after parry or International demands wont keep the land from shedding fresh blood everyday.The hospital is always full with the screaming of people losing their valuable parts of body or the important people in their soul.The Attacker won't differ between an armed soldier or a helpless women.The bullets know no mercy.Killing everybody in its bloody path.Taking lives like pulling a hay from its stack.Human life have no value at all in the eye of The Attackers.Their mission is only one.To get rid all the people that didn't share their visions.

Death on the little boy's eyes is so common.His tear glands have dried up from crying.There is no use for crying.Jamal's brother,Aziz have been shot by The Attackers during his way to school.They said he's a recruit from the rebellion army.That was the first time Jamal shed his tears.He was seven at that time.The deaths he saw cannot be count by the number he learnt at school.Ten children that count together their fingers and toes cannot match the number of death occured on the land.

"Wow Hassan,You're really good at Kicking ball!"

"Haha,thank you.I always practicing football with my big brother.But he's no longer with us..."

"Don't worry my friend,I'll practice with you.Then I'll be good as you"

"'re my only friend in this world"

"Oh no,It's almost night!I better be at home.We'll meet again tomorrow ok?"


That night, he and his little sister ,Fatimah is having a plain,dry bread for dinner.There are 3 pieces of bread in the plate.One for his father,Salman.One for him and one for little Fatimah.

"Why you didn't eat,mother?"

"I've already ate my dinner earlier this evening.Honey".It's a lie.She's willing not to eat than letting her son to sleep in hunger.

"My friend said there is a new refugee camp built by the United Nation 100 km north from our place.I think we better move to the camp until we find another safer place to settle down.What do you think dear?".Salman asked his beloved wife

"I have no objection,husband.This place didn't promise any guarantee for our little ones' safety.I want to see Jamal go to school and without worrying anyone carrying his lifeless body in front of our doorstep."

"Then I'll try to persuade other family to come with us.Please prepare for the journey.I hope that we can move to the camp in this week."

"What is a refugee camp,Mother?".Jamal asked his mother

"It's a place where our safety is assured.You can go play without worrying me".She answered with a smile that can light up the whole world.

The next evening,the little boy sit down on a tree stump.Waiting for his friend to play football.It's not like football.More to two boys kicking ball with each other.Jamal throw the old and battered ball to the air and catch it as the ball falling down.His heart is full of hope that Hassan can teach him how to kick the ball really fast."He never late when it comes to play football".The little boy started to converse with himself.Jamal keep waiting and waiting until the evening ended."Maybe he got something else to do with his family".The little boy try to comfort himself even there's a slight dissapointment in his mind.He walk away from the empty ground and aiming for home.On his way home,Jamal can see bullet holes everywhere on the wall.The scorched mark on the door of a home that is used to be occupied now have turned into crumbling ruins."Ah,this path lead to Hassan's house!I better meet him for a while".The boy suddenly speed up his pace and walk towards Hassan's home.He's almost there.Suddenly he heard a cry.He knows that voice.It belong to Hassan's mother.

"Why do they took him from me!first his brother and now him.why God why?!".She cries frantically.

"What happened?".Jamal hears a conversation between the symphaty crowds.

"Poor boy.He's walking towards the empty land near the big tree stump and suddenly a gunfight break of between The Resistance and The Attackers.A stray bullet caught up right into his heart"

The little boy couldnt contain his tears and cry.He saw his mother coming out from the crowd ang hugs him."Be strong my son.There's a reason why our maker took him".The soft voice put an ease to his mind.Later,Jamal see Hassan's father is carrying the dead body of his friend to the burial ground.Jamal didn't want to follow them because he dont want to cry again.He didn't take his dinner that night.He feels comfortable by just lying on the mattress.He falls asleep with tears run down his face.Later that night,the little boy dreams about his friend.

"Hey Hassan,let's play football".The boy in his dream didn't say a word and keep smiling.

"Why you don't want to talk to me?What happened to you?"

"Jamal,I'm no longer in this world.Please don't cry upon my death.I want you to be strong".The little boy is finally speaking.

"I promise that I won't forget you,Hassan".Jamal see Hassan's body vanishing and lost from his sight."

When he woke up,it's already morning.Jamal wipe his tears and smile."I'll try to be strong to face this world".'He cheers himself.
That day,Jamal is playing alone.There's no one else that he can play with today.He collect bullet shells as many as he can.He can sold the to the scrap yard and buy himself some sweets.Later that day,Jamal chase a butterfly.The creature is awesome.Flying gracefully in the air without to worry The Attackers will shoot it."Oh..I wish that I can be free like you".Jamal speaks to the butterfly.The evening feels very different.Those little legs isn't kicking ball anymore.There is no more Hassan to play ball with.Jamal take a deep breath and sigh.His heart feels again the emptyness of losing someone important.He walk to his home with a dull expression on his face.As Jamal arrive at the doorstep,he sees his mother is packing some clothes while his father is talking to his friends.

"Where are we going mother?"

"Your father and his friends decided to go to the refugee camp.He asked for us to get ready.Go clean yourself son.We will move to the camp after nightfall"

There is someone kind enough to help Salman and his family move to the refugee camp.But his family and 2 more his friends' family need to walk for 30 km before they can meet the person that can provide them with transportation.They need to move tonight as The Attackers are busy fighting The Resistance at the south hill.The security will be loose and this might be their only chance.Nature is kind enough to help them.There is no moon tonight.Its pitch black out there.Before they move,Jamal take the last glimpse of their home.The place where he learn everything he knows about the world.The place that taught him laughters.A place that watched his tears dropping to the earth.The place where he understand the true meaning of love.

The group walk silently in the night.Jamal is walking behind his mother.He's playing back his memories with Hassan to kill the time.Hours after hours of walking,those little feet started to feel pain.The little sandal wont do much to protect his feet from the jagged rock of the desert.He has reached his limit.

"Mother,I'm tired".The little boy start to babble.Luckily,there is an abandoned house not far from where they're walking.

"Let us rest here for tonight"Salman proposed to the group.

Everybody agrees and move into the house.They take out their supply and have some food and drinks.Jamal sits while leaning on a wall.He's sitting under an opened window.Jamal stretches his leg and sit still while watching his fathers talking to his friends.He don't want to do anything beside resting.His mother approches with a piece of bread in her hand.She knows the travel wears down her beloved son.She take out a small peice and feed it to Jamals mouth.Jamal munches the food slowly with his eyes half closed.

"How far do we have to travel,Mother?".He opened his half-filled mouth

"I don't know dear"

His mother answers with a smile.A smile that is so beautiful even it soothes Jamals mind.He feels his energy is being replenished just because of her smile.The bread has gone and she knows Jamal want to quench his thirst.She stand up to take a glass of water and suddenly...

A loud noise breaks th silence of the night.Jamal noticed something is coming out from her chest.A dark,red and thick liquid.It flows like nothing can stop it.As he raised his head,he saw a face that was smiling before turns into a face full of agony.Full with unbearable pain that can't be described by any single words in the dictionary.There's another entity that is bearing the same pain as her.Not on the chest.But deeper.Jamal's heart.As he saw his mother kneeling down slowly,he feels a deep,sharp pain that is can't be compared to anything in this world.He can't control his feelings.Tears broke down as he see she's trying to bear the pain.


A scream breaks down the silence for the second time.Jamal catch her from falling down.The people in the house run away for their live as they realised The Attackers know where they are.

"Please go son.Run away"

"But I won't leave you here alone!"

"They will kill you with no mercy!"

"I won't leave.No matter what happened to me!"

"Please listen to me dear.There's nothing else you can do!"

"Why they do this to us?"

"My life ends here,my son.I have no regrets.Our family is the best thing ever happened to me..."


"JAMAL!!Come over here!!".His father's scream bring him back to his senses.

With a heavy hearts,tears breaking down,and sadness gloomed on his face,Jamal run towards his father.He look at his mother as she's slowly closes her eyes and and give the most beautiful smile in the world as the last momento for her beloved family.As her life ended,Jamal feels a big part of his soul has been ripped apart from him.They run away from the house and move into the darkness hoping for The Attackers won't find them.

They keep running and running from the house.The poor boy started to question himself.Will he ever taste the freedom like WE do?How he's going to live when the biggest part of his soul have been taken?Does tomorrow will be better for him?

".....A women have been shot to death by The Attackers while travelling on foot with her family any another villagers to the UN refugee camp.The Attackers falsely believed that the abandoned house in the desert used by the travelling group as resting place is been used by The Resistance to plan their attack against them.Amy Jill will bring you more news from...."


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