Saturday, March 6, 2010

Manga Talk:Naruto

This manga have been published for almost ten years now.WOW.It's been on the list of my favorite mangas.Well,what makes this manga so good is it has the complete blend of what the readers wanted.The author,Masashi Kishimoto know how to fuse the awesome and badass world of ninja with a good plot twist.The series mainly revolved around a boy,Naruto who want to become the strongest ninja,a Hokage in order to show his true value and potential to people around him.In the beginning of the plot,He has to carry the heaviest burden as his father,the 4th Hokage sealed a powerful beast that attacked their village,a nine fox tail in his body.His father was dead in the effort to contain the beast in his body.The 3rd Hokage wants the villager to look Naruto as a hero as his body contained the powerful beast but they didn't think so.The villagers assume Naruto as a monster.well,he do have a monster inside him.Their perception towards Naruto made his childhood like hell because they didn't let their children to play with the 'monster'.As a result,he became a rebellious child.But it all changed when he met 3 important people in the storyline.The member of team 7.Hatake Kakashi,Uchiha Sasuke,and Haruno Sakura.Their presence around Naruto taught him a lot of important lessons about life.the most important is the friendship between them.The friendship is the most valuable thing for Naruto and he will never break it no matter what happen.

The storyline basically will have a typical shonen type manga which included a lot of fighting and action between the characters.Kishimoto aslo included some romance but its no much.Just enough to complete the plot.The plot in Naruto mainly revolved around the fight between an evil organisation,Akatsuki with the rest of ninja universe.It is revealed that the leader of Akatsuki,Uchiha Madara collected the tail beasts to extract the chakura and perform his ultimate Jutsu(technique).Its not clear in the beginning of the chapters but a lot of secret have been revealed in the latest chapter.Kishimoto have the ability to make every chapter worth to wait.He knows what the readers wanted and he give it.Sometimes,he hold the main plot and continue with another to make us craving for more chapters.

About the fightings,the ninja in the manga posses a special life energy called Chakura.With the correct hand seal,(which is symbolised by the 12 animal in the Chinese zodiac).They can release their chakura in any form of attack.Like Sasuke for instance,his famous jutsu,Chidori can kill the enemy easily.The users who posses elemental traits (fire,earth,wind,lightning,water) can include the element in their jutsu like what Naruto does to his famous jutsu,the Rasen Shuriken.He include his wind elemental to make the tecnique to slash everything.Hell,it can cut every single cell in his enemy's body in half.What's unique about this manga it also introduce the special bloodline clan.The most famous is the Hyuuga and Uchiha.Each clan posses a very special gift that make the the respectable clan in the ninja world like the Hyuuga clan which posses the white eye that can see every chakura point in human body,The uchiha clan which posses the Sharingan eye which can copy every movement.The Sharingan have a different level which activated can grant the user which bad ass skills and technique.Like the Mangekyou Sharingan which can alter the time and space and a lot of different skills.

The manga is basically fun to read for readers who love action type manga.It will serve u with badass fighting skills and a good plot twist.But you need to read id from earlier chapter so you can understand the whole storyline.Each of the plot is narrated very well and you will understand every chapter of Naruto.Besides,the drawing is really good and the characters have their own personality.To be honest,this kind of manga is not boring to read over and over again.Naruto current manga chapters is 485.Imagine how many mangaka can reach that amount of chapters and still going strong.Very few.To conclude my review,I suggest those who didn't read Naruto,you better read it buddy.ITS AWESOME!! :p

thank you for having your time :)

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