Sunday, March 7, 2010

Let's Talk About Music :)

I copied this post from my old blog from friendster and added a few points :)

its been obvious that Malaysian music has grow rapidly in this last 2 years…
yeah3…its the thing that every of u keep calling it “Indie”
2 b honest…i really hate that kind of people who wear t-shirt that shout a lot of shits like “SAYA JIWA KOSONG” or any crap equal to it…

u know y?cuz they call themselves the follower of indie.n when i asked them which indie they’re listening to…The answer is a kind of cliche.”dude,of course im listening tu Hujan”BORING…There's so many talented bands other that the thing that i hate when in a gig and a band is playing,there's a bunch of guys will say:"this band suck!"wtf?you're becoming simon now?Just listen to them because they're working their asses out there to deliver us some good music.

there’s alot of young teenagers nowadays has been inspired by this wave.the indie wave.and what the music lovers get?a bunch of snobbish posers who think they know everything bout music.And this kind people will start to shout crap and judge other’s music.They will say that this band isn't that good.the guitar’s suck.the drum sounds like trash can.I really don't get it man.did they do know every single thing about music with their school kid’s age?f**k it!They think by just listening to a few Ramones CD and learning from Guitar Pro they know what music is?dammit!Music took a lifetime to be perfected and we're are lucky the bands are workig so hard to deliver some good music.

There’s also a bunch of people who are really inspired to start a band and hoping to kick ass in Rock The World.hey buddy..try to take it slower.practice ur music and make some good songs for us.Lots of them will play like crap during live session an blaming each other’s fault..well,practice make perfect dude.don’t even dare to play live in front of people if u didn't confident with ur skills.there’s so many good bands who started very slow.they play music since they were kids and make a hell of god songs when they grow up.what i wanted to say here that PRACTICE DO MAKE PERFECT..

There's also unhealthy trend that is happening in the indie scene.Its the genre discrimination.Whenever a ska or reggae band is playing,there's only a bunch of people doing pogo and enjoying the sound.And whenever a hardcore or metal band is playing,here come the mosher and the skankers will sit back and don't give a hell about the show. If u really love music.u will not discriminate it.dont fuck other band cuz they juz play the music that isn’t ur cup of tea.try to be universal and learn from every music u can listen in the earth…that's the tru meaning of “I LOVE MUSIC”

well…that's enough crap 4 dis time…haha


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