Saturday, March 6, 2010

well..well..well..i got myself a blog

dammit!why i created a blog?why did i follow this trend?urgh...does anyone care i have a blog?heck no!hahaha..there's nothing bad having a blog,right fellas?Well,I wanna share my ideas with you guys so we can have a lot of different ideas :)..I try my best not to post any boring stuff like wat i had for dinner or where i went yesterday.(face it,90% of blogs have this..haha)I'll try to write something that is meaningful to all of u

Well,i dont like to write something that don’t leave anything on people who’s reading it such as what have i done today or what kind of meal for me today.i want to write something that can make people think with me when they are reading it.I want to share my own point of view about anything in this world.Eventhough that i don’t know well about politics or recent news,it doesn’t mean that i can’t write bout it.I'll try to write about it im my point of view

I try to write something that anyone can relate to it.My point of view can be expressed to other people with this blog.So,feel free to read about Adey’s blog :)

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