Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Pathway To Friendship

So what the heck ‘friends’ means?is it someone that you only meet when you need them?or is it someone who is filthy rich?or is someone who give you the meaning of love,hate,envy,bravery and all sorts of emotions that you know in this world.Face it,friends teach us how to live our life.Didn’t you remember who’s with you when you’re doing all sorts of crazy stuff such as sleeping at 24h Mc D or ‘flying’ out from the school or driving to nowhere in the middle of the night.It’s them.FRIEND…

During my schooldays it’s a bit sad when i can’t hang out with my friends like all of you did.Its not that i didn’t even go out with them even once.But i rarely meet my friends other than in school.Well,my school is 30 minutes from my home and so do my friends.Meeting them outside school is quite difficult as i need to travel a bit far.Friends at home?i barely have them.Its because all my friends from my primary school study at different secondary school.As the result,i’m friendless at home.haha

Perak Matriculation College bring a whole lot of new people in my life.There's a lot of people there that i admired for who they are :).I learn a whole new stuff with them.How to stand up like a real man.To know our enemy (the ladies :p).Even we've been together for a year.The memories with them will last forever in my mind :)

And now I move further in my life.To UiTM.Where i Met Your Mother.oops.I met new amazing friends.EHD1CA.Even we've been together for like 3 months,it feels like we've been together for a very long time,The chemistry,the laughter we had,ITS PRECIOUS :).Everyday is filled with laughter and smile that keep me off from the mattress and attend the class :p.Ahh...what a nice day we're having..haha

My friends play play an important part of my life as they are the person who i spend a lot of my ‘precious’ time in school and college.They inspired me.Amazed me.And sometimes,disgust me!.Most of all,they changed me.From being a naive guy to a guy who knows how to survive in this world.From guy clueless about love to a man who know everything about loving :)

No matter who they are,I always cherish my friendship with them.Every moments with them teach me the lesson about life.How to overcome the obstacles,Why are we doing like this n that,Which option is the best for me.FRIENDS ARE THE GREATEST TEACHER YOU CAN HAVE.Even sometimes they hurt my feelings,I think its no use to hold grudge against them.I always apologize them because i know that nobody's perfect.I really hate when my friends got quarrelled or having a fight.It really kills the mood.I always hope that my friends will be happy when being around me.Because that what are friends for.TO COMFORT EACH OTHER,To cherish the moments together,to bring light to the dull face :)

Listening to my friend’s problems is my honour.I would do my best to give them the best advice that i can think.Its a proud moment if my friends tell me a story and they told me that its a secret.You know why?because your friend had trusted you and you’re the person that they can trust.and i NEVER broke the secrets of my friends.Because a good friends of mine once told me if anyone knows the secret,BANG! our friendship is DEAD.To be honest,I appreciate all the friendship that i have made.I usually text my former classmate during form five as so our friendship can last.its up to them to text me back and tell what’s their current news.
A person should not hurt his/her friends feelings.

You should watch the words that you spoke and how you treat them.Some people like to talk in the rude manner and using the words celake,f**k,p***mak,and anything like that in their words.But some of them despise these words.So watch out which type your friends in.I have a few sensitive friends and i need to watch my mouth to keep them from hating me.My words are very bad.haha

well..that’s enough crap i wrote today.chiaow!

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